Nov 15, 2010

Lego Sleeping Bag

Lego Sleeping Bag, originally uploaded by MegnificentMade.
Great idea also for those LEGO fan guests during the Holidays!

Sep 20, 2010

Harry Potter Minifig

Custom stitch applique shirt by David Taylor
sold on Etsy
(photo is link to item)

Jul 27, 2010

LEGO tattoos by Grey Agency / Barcelona, Spain ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Advertising campaign for Pilot Pens

Advertising Agency: Grey, Barcelona, Spain
Art Directors: Jose Miguel Tortajada, Oscar Amodia, Dani Páez
Copywriters: Jürgen Krieger, Joan Mas, Luke Sholer
Photographer: Gonzalo Puertas
Illustrators: Diogo Dutra, Malen Feliz

Jul 12, 2010

Beautiful LEGO Lamp

Modern LEGO Lamp by Abbie Bocan ~ Abbie Dabbles at

Photo is copyright Abbie Bocan

Image is link to her store on


Jun 1, 2010

LEGO Lunch bag ~ Skeleton

The LEGO Group has authorized Zappos to sell licensed items -- this particular design may  have sold out (because it's so cool) but check the link for other styles & items.

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